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Making San Francisco better by visiting Legion of Honor

Living comfortably in San Francisco

Living comfortably in San Francisco

Legion of Honor

You can make SF a better place by continuing to offer your tourism dollars to places such as the Legion of Honor.

The Legion of Honor is one of the museums in San Francisco well knows for fine arts exhibits. The name is derived from both the building where the museum is located and the collections it houses. It is depicted as San Francisco’s most exquisite museum. The museum was a gift of a wealthy philanthropist and socialite in the city who was popularly referred to as ‘Big Alma’. She convinced her rich husband to donate the museum to San Francisco city. Her great love for Parisian things resulted in the museum taking on a design resembling one historic building in Paris.

The location

The Legion of Honor is located in Lincoln Park. The park is a wonderful space with coastal woodlands and a golf course. It makes for a gorgeous place to take a leisure walk. Outside the Legion of Honor, visitors can follow a path right along the highway. This path is packed with spectacular outlooks and perfect ocean vistas onto the Golden Gate Bridge. If you are out for more adventure, you can take the hike that will take you the End Trail. The trail which is cited on the cliffside with rugged terrain enables one to enjoy the panoramas of the Bridge and Pacific Ocean views.


One of the most popular exhibitions at the museum includes ‘The Future of the Past’. During this exhibition, modern medicine meets ancient Egypt. The exhibition has gained much popularity due to its unique scientific techniques used in the exploration of the fine arts. A team composed of physicians, museum curators, conservators, Egyptologists, and scientists has learned more about the lives of the mummies. The main focus was on how the mummies lived, died to how they went through preparations for eternity.

One of the significant scholars to run more studies on the museum is Rebecca Fahriq, a member of the medical school at Stanford University. Among others, she conducted computed tomography scans of the mummies revealing very much unknown secrets. The exhibition further includes information about the Irethorrou lifestyle. This was a priest from a famous family living in middle Egypt. He lived about 2,600 years ago. The studies involved his religion, the society where he lived, and the beliefs of his time.

In the museum, visitors can examine the mummies using a virtual and interactive dissection table. It is provided by the Anatomage, a medical solution company in San Jose. Also displayed in the museum are tomb furnishings and beautiful amulets.


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